Whether it be to ensure a better quality of life and education, access to medical facilities, a back-up plan for times of political unrest, fiscal cliffs and estate planning or to facilitate investment and banking privacy, dual citizenship, passport and visa-free travel are nowadays ever more important to international clients and their families.

The citizenship by investment scheme of the Republic of Cyprus, which is the term widely coined for the accelerated investment scheme developed by the Council of Ministers that leads to the acquisition of a Cypriot (EU) citizenship and a Cypriot (EU) passport with limited residency requirements, aims predominantly to entice foreign investors, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.
L.Papaphilippou & Co LLC has a proven reputation for its immigration and citizenship work, as it is the first, and to date remains the only, law firm in the Republic of Cyprus to have successfully applied, secured and delivered Cypriot (EU) passports to Chinese high net worth individuals and their family dependents under the citizenship by investment scheme.
The unparalleled insight brought in by former senior administrative government officers of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus blends in with the awareness of commercial solicitors and both together make up the backbone of the immigration and citizenship team of L.Papaphilippou & Co. LLC. We have a vast breadth of knowledge and experience to draw upon when offering comprehensive immigration services to corporate and individual clients.
We offer complete assistance and rounded advice from a Cyprus law perspective on:-
-              Citizenship by investment;
-              Residence permits;
-              Acquisition of Cyprus (EU) passports by third country nationals and their dependents;
-              Passport qualifying special collective real estate purchase schemes;
-              Immigration law, practice and procedure;
-              Civil registry matters;
-              Private client portfolio management.
For further information, please contact Leandros Papaphilippou